General business owner action plan

By creating an environment where employees can balance work and child-rearing and all employees can work comfortably, develop an action plan as follows so that all employees can fully demonstrate their abilities.

1. Planning period:
4 years from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2022
2. Contents:
Establishing an employment environment to support a balance between work and child-rearing
  • (1)Prenatal and postnatal leave based on the Labor Standards Act, childcare leave based on the Childcare / Nursing Care Leave Act, childcare leave benefits based on the Employment Insurance Act, dissemination of maternity allowance / lump-sum birth allowance and social insurance premium exemption system based on the social insurance system
  • (2)Dissemination of treatment during childcare leave, wages after childcare leave, placement and other matters related to working conditions
  • (3)Return to the original job or a job equivalent to the original job after childcare leave
Managing director
Hidetomo NAKA